We Are: whimsical correspondence with a sense of history

Sylvan Gate Design is a boutique stationery brand focused on producing only the finest quality designs and distinctive products, all of which are proudly made in USA.

The brand was founded by LA interior designer and British ex-pat, Helena Hardman and started with her collection of glitter cards, originally created to keep in touch with family and friends when she moved to the United States over a decade ago.

Surrounded since childhood by classical design and architecture, Helena looks to the past for her forward-thinking designs. Her collections are based on the splendor of Victorian England - a time of expansion, exploration and science - and European Old Masters - a reflection of grandeur, tradition and a connection to the sites, myths and art of the ancient world. 

These once traditional designs are brought back to life, re-worked and re-imagined with playful messages and, like Helena, have the whiff of a British accent! The result? Timeless!

Helena is supported by her American husband - Raymond - and their white and blue, British (of course) Shorthair cats - Ghost and Nymeria  - who are always trying to find a way to join her at the studio!

Sylvan Gate Design Studio is based in Pasadena, Sunny Southern California (just, they pretend, north of the Los Angeles smog).

For Press Enquiries please contact us at hello[at]sylvangatedesign[dot]com. 


P.S. The image is of Helena... if she had lived in the 18th century!


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